The Resolution Center, formerly the North Shore Community Mediation Center, is an independent non-profit 501c3 corporation that’s been providing conflict resolution and training servicesto Essex County residents since 1994.


Originally housed in the Salem District Court, the Center has its roots in the Salem Mediation Program.

Program is expanded to help resolve disputes in families and named North Shore Community Mediation (“NSCM”).

North Shore Community Mediation Center (“NSCMC”) is incorporated as a non-profit organization to serve families, communities, teachers and students with services and tools that prevent and resolve conflict.

With funding from school systems and community resources, NSCMC begins training local middle and high school students to become peer mediators.

First staff member is hired. NSCMC launches its first Parent/Child Mediation Service with the support of the Massachusetts Bar Foundation.

Essex County Juvenile Courts in Salem and Lynn begin making referrals. NSCMC mediators receive specialized training to handle these often-emotional cases.

First Executive Director is hired. NSCMC receives funding for referrals of small claims, minor criminal and summary process cases from Peabody, Gloucester and Salem District Courts.

Peer Mediators Collaborative and Annual Peer Mediators Forum are created with local grant funding.

NSCMC receives approval to mediate case referrals from the Probate and Family Court in Essex County.

Family Mediation Program is developed to service a variety of issues including: divorce, separation, parenting plans, and elder/aging decisions.

Using a Face to Face Consumer Mediation grant from the Office of the Attorney General, NSCMC is able to mediate local consumer issues at no cost to the parties.

Community partnerships lead to the expansion of facilitation and skills training services for workplace and interpersonal conflict for non-profit organizations, municipal agencies and other community groups. With $100,000 Cummings Foundation investment, establishment of the Community Mediation Center Grant Program by the MA state legislature as well as the work of dozens of volunteer mediators and board members, the Center is able to add more stable part- and full-time staff.

In response to COVID-19, NSCMC adapts its programming to expand the use of telephone and video conference mediations.

NSCMC completes a rebranding process to reflect its broad range of conflict resolution services and becomes The Resolution Center.

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