Mediation provides a safe and neutral forum for open communication and supportive solutions. We can help you resolve disputes with neighbors, colleagues, landlords, tenants, property co-owners, business owners or any other community members. Referrals for mediation come from the people in conflict themselves, social service agencies, housing authorities, police counselors and a variety of others who may be aware of a dispute.

Our Community Mediation services include:

Housing Mediation

Mediation can help at any stage before an eviction is filed or during the court process. If you are facing a housing crisis, our free services can help prevent homelessness by keeping you stably housed. We participate in a Massachusetts statewide program to provide free mediation services to people facing a housing crisis.

Our specially trained and experienced mediators help tenants and landlords talk through many difficult issues including:

  • Stabilizing your housing
  • Protecting your credit rating

If you are a tenant or landlord in conflict, you can learn more about the program here and contact us to set up a consultation.

Re-Entry Mediation Program

Re-entry mediation services are aimed at people who are within 12 months from release from incarceration or within 3 months of being released. Our services allow you to be able to talk, with the support of mediators, with someone you choose from the outside pre-release or post-release in a confidential setting about anything important to you that may impact your re-entry progress.

Our specially trained and experienced mediators help incarcerated individuals talk through many issues including:

  • Transitioning back into the community
  • Improving your personal relationships
  • Reducing recidivism

We work with the Essex County Sheriff’s department to provide re-entry mediation services at the Essex County Pre-Release and Re-Entry Center in Lawrence.

To learn more about the program please click here.

Workplace Mediation

We can help you find solutions to difficult contracts and workplace relationships including employer/employee, employee/employee and property co-owners. Using the mediation process allows parties to play an active role in the decision-making process, addressing underlying issues and maintaining a positive relationship with the other party.

We offer workplace facilitation and restorative practice as well as group facilitation services. Group facilitation is a process of structured dialogue to identify and work through communication challenges, interpersonal conflict, and difficult group dynamics. Sessions facilitated by our staff or mediators can address tensions in the workplace that arise from miscommunication, misunderstanding or are the result of differing expectations, perceptions or values.

Our specially trained and experienced mediators help employees and employers talk through many difficult issues including:

  • Resolving communication breakdowns
  • Building team relationships
  • Reducing bullying and harassment
  • Addressing cultural misunderstandings

Consumer Mediation

An alternative to small claims court for consumer cases, our Face to Face program mediates disputes between owners & contractors, sellers & buyers, landlords & tenants and consumers & merchants to resolve their conflicts.  Our Face to Face Mediation Program is funded by and works in cooperation with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office. We offer affordable, easy and timely access to mediation services for consumer disputes.

If you are a consumer, you can contact us directly (LINK) to explore mediation or the AGO can put interested parties in touch with us. To learn more about the Face to Face program, please click here.

Our specially trained and experienced mediators help consumers talk through many difficult issues including:

  • Reducing debt payments
  • Resolving contracts
  • Disputes over home repair/improvement
  • Disputes over car sales or repair
  • Disagreements about the purchase of goods or services

Veteran Mediation

Mediation services are available for veterans, National Guard, reserves, active military and close family members. Our specially trained mediators understand the unique challenges facing our military and are here to help.

Our specially trained and experienced mediators help veterans talk through many difficult issues including:

  • Planning ahead for deployment
  • Resolving difficulties in civilian life
  • Bringing families closer together
  • Caring for family members with disabilities

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