We can help you navigate the conflicts that surface at different phases in the life of a family. The voluntary, confidential and neutral mediation process can be particularly effective in helping address sensitive family conflicts.

Our Family Mediation Services include:

Partner/Couple Separation and Divorce

Separation and divorce are emotionally difficult and can be costly. Our experienced mediators help parties work through this process efficiently and usually at a lower cost. Our goal is to help the parties develop a memorandum of understanding that contains a plain-language summary of key issues. This memorandum can then be turned into a formal Separation Agreement by an attorney if the parties pursue divorce. If children are involved, a mediated agreement demonstrates to the court the parties’ willingness to work together and parental cooperation. For more information, please visit our Resources page.

Our specially trained and experienced mediators can guide couples through many aspects of separation including:

  • Initial separation
  • Asset and Debt division
  • Parenting Plans (custody and visitation)
  • Spousal Support (alimony)
  • Child Support

Parent Mediation Program (PMP)

Generally, children adjust more easily to change if their parents work together to develop healthy ways of communicating, resolving problems and reducing conflict. Our specially trained and experienced mediators can help parties come up with workable co-parenting schedules and communication parameters.

Our specially trained and experienced mediators can guide families through many aspects of parenting including:

  • Co-parenting arrangements
  • Parenting time
  • Decision-making and communication

This Program has been created to help parents resolve disputes on these issues. Be sure to ask if you qualify for free mediation services through a special grant in cooperation with the Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration (“MOPC”) and the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

Elder Mediation

Elder mediation supports older people and their families who may be struggling with changing needs and roles. The process is a forum for families to make cooperative decisions that consider their unique perspectives in a private and confidential setting.

Our specially trained and experienced mediators can guide families through many difficult issues including:

  • Workable daily plans
  • Disputes between adult siblings
  • Medical Care
  • Financial Decisions (ongoing daily living expenses)
  • Housing
  • Insurance
  • Inheritance Disputes & Will Contests
  • Guardianship and post-guardianship decisions

Parent/Child Mediation

These cases are sometimes referred by the Juvenile Court Probation Department but families can also reach out directly to seek mediation services before the courts are involved.

Our specially trained and experienced mediators help families talk through many difficult issues including:

  • Running away from home
  • School attendance and performance
  • Friends and social activities
  • Independence and privacy

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