Recently The Resolution Center (North Shore Community Mediation Center) Executive Director, Hann Bowen, was featured with a letter to the editor.  The letter "The Importance of Conflict Resolution" begins with....

"To the editor:

We all know what it feels like to be in conflict: Dinner with friends/family who have opposing political views, neighbors with different ideas about fireworks or four-legged friends, getting caught in the middle of a Facebook ‘discussion’ gone off the rails… and we wonder how we can get along.

I’ve been honored to work with a group of Essex County leaders over the last two weeks who’ve decided to respond to that feeling of division by bringing people together through mediation. Rather than avoid the conflict that’s inevitable, they are transforming it into opportunity for people to connect, communicate, and bridge the divide.

 The Resolution Center (formerly North Shore Community Mediation Center), a nonprofit organization providing conflict resolution services and training to North Shore communities, courts, families, schools, and businesses, recently completed our annual 36-hour Basic Mediation Training, with coursework online and in person from June 7-18. Participants from the area (Andover, Georgetown, Gloucester, Hamilton, Lawrence, and Salem) learned skills in listening, facilitation, and conflict resolution. The training focused on how to support conversations between people in conflict and help them find their own solutions. These participants now join hundreds of people across the North Shore who have been practicing these skills through the Resolution Center/North Shore Community Mediation Center since 1994....."
to read the rest of her letter visit the website

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