The Resolution Center’s continuum of restorative practice services include training, coaching, and support at three tiers: prevention & community building, responding to & managing conflict and intervention & intensive support. The core of our “responding to & managing conflict” options are described in the Peer Mediation Program options above. Additional restorative practice trainings and support include:

Prevention & Community Building School Training

What it is: For schools beginning to shift away from  traditional models of school discipline and communication, this training provides an overview of restorative practices in schools. Administrators, counselors and teachers will learn how to facilitate circles to enhance effective conversations and build new problem-solving skills. The Resolution Center’s Director of Youth Programs is a resource for school programs.

How it works: This training uses circles, presentations and discussions as well as skills-building exercises.

Who benefits: Administrators, counselors and teachers. With booster sessions through the school year, the program can be expanded to include other members of the school community including parents, school resource officers and athletic coaches.

How long it takes: 8-12 hours per year.

Harm Conference and Re-entry Mediation

What it is: This training covers conferencing to respond to conflict in schools and support students who return to school from suspensions, expulsions, health breaks or other time off.

How it works: Participants will learn the core principles of restorative justice, conference structure and process. The steps for preparation for harm conferences; dynamics of conference and circle facilitation. The workshop provides participants with hands-on experience through role-plays, videos and practical strategies. This training will prepare participants to implement conferences with their schools.

Who benefits: Teachers, Counselors, Administrators with Tier 1 training.

How long it takes: 6-8 hours.

Responding to & Managing Conflict Professional Development

What it is: This training workshop teaches staff more about peer mediation, when and how it can best serve the school community and how to support a culture of restorative practice in the school.

How it works: This workshop includes presentations, discussions and skill-building exercises.

Who benefits: Teachers and staff.

How long it takes: 2-4 hours.

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